Innovations are expected through VERNEDCT, especially in the following areas:

  • New architecture and methods for distribution network operation
  • Methods for optimal component utilization (increasing full load hours) through storage management and power flow control.
  • Methods of fault explanation by converters and switching devices
  • New inverter topologies for use in DC distribution networks
  • Methods or specification for “Plug & Operate” control of inverters
  • Concept of loss-minimized hybrid switchgear for continuous operation
  • Transformation path with roadmaps for distribution system operator asset management,
  • Technology development and communication concepts for specific target groups for transformation processes

The expected outcomes of the project are:

  1. a scalable target network topology for distribution networks in DC technology,
  2. an associated protection and operating concept,
  3. the selection and design of converter topologies for specific tasks in the distribution network,
  4. methods for inverter control as well as
  5. communication concepts that contribute to successful implementation of DC technology.
Power lines on a green field under a blue sky, in the foreground on the right two large pylons and lines, in the background more pylons and lines
110 kV overhead line stub near Magdala (Photo: private/Prof. Westermann)